Welcome to JT MOLD Technology Co., Ltd




International Presence

  • Weng Tiejian

    Founder and GM of JT Mold

  • Hart Zhang

    15 years’ European working experience, after leaving FOBOHA , joined JT now working as JT Deputy manager, responsible for sales and operation management.

  • Stefan von Büren

    Chief Technical Director, his 30 years of international mold making experience will support the JT Mold team to reach the next level of mold making, once worked at SCHÖTTLI-Switzerland, Husky-Canada-USA, Chen-Hsong Machinery-Hong Kong and as Managing Director of SCHÖTTLI-China.

  • Bob Fill

    Business Consultant, assisting JT Mold to further expand into a global company and will assist JT Mold to expand its customer base in South-East Asia. He has 40 years of experience in the plastics industry including the founding of international Mastip and Volastic.

  • David Atkin

    Global Key Account Manager, focusing on improving customer interaction and streamlining project management. He has been worked in China for an extended period of time and this is a valuable contributor with his technical expertise. He previously held the position of Engineering Manager at Rieke-Hangzhou.

  • Basavaraj Hombalimath

    Recently appointed JT India Sales Manager. He has a strong background in precision mold design, mold making and production after many years with Nypro Tool India. Customer solution focused BH is very experienced in managing every aspect of customers projects.

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